We are always delighted when we receive referrals from our patients. This means a great deal to us, as it means you are happy with your dental care and are pleased to pass on this news to your family,
friends and colleagues.

“Dear dentist, Thank you for your skilful work. I appreciate I can be a bit of a nervous wreck so having you for my dentist is a real comfort. You’re a credit to your profession along with your staff who are so friendly and nice. Thanks again”

Donna Weatherill

“Dear dentist, this card says it all. You are simply the best. Best wishes”

Hilim G

“Dear dentist, Just a little thank you to say thanks for everything you have done. I really appreciate all the hours you have put in to get me loving my smile again. Thank you so much”

Tracie xx

“Dear dentist ‘This note comes to thank you because you are kind – You do nice things with others in mind’ Just a small note to say thank you, my teeth look fab and importantly, I can smile now…”


“Dear dentist, ‘As a special note especially for you. A special note to say thank you. This comes with very warm thoughts to say what you did was wonderful. Thank you.”


“A big thank you for giving me a wonderful smile enough to make Hollywood proud. It means so much to me, I really can’t thank you enough.”

Victoria x

‘There are a few absolute gems in this world. They are the people who make a tremendous difference in other people’s lives…with the smiles they give, the blessings they share, and the way they warm the hearts of everyone around them. These rare and remarkable people are so deserving of every hope and happiness. They are the people who are incredibly unique, enormously thanked, and endlessly appreciated for everything they do. And one of those wonderful, deserving, and one-of-a-kind people is definitely …you’

“Dear dentist, Just had to send a big thank you! Thank you so much for all your hard work giving me a lovely smile.”


“I cannot speak highly enough of the treatment and care which I received from Mr Younis, he is a kind and compassionate dentist who shows great enthusiasm for his work. I am delighted with the end result and would be only too willing to recommend family and friends.”

J. Mills